Operation Step Turn the green wheel to adjust the Label Guides to match the width of the roll. Page 28 Operation Step Install the ribbon on the rear supply spindle so that the ribbon feeds from the top of the roll into the ribbon feed slot. Bar codes Magnetic stripe encoding Holographic overlaminate Proximity card technology Smart card encoding AlphaCard carries ID printing machines from proven leaders in the industry. Press the Feed button with the printhead closed, as needed, to sup- ply more label stock ribbon. Turn the thumb screw holding Rewinding Step 2 the bracket to the printer chassis counter clock- wise to loosen. Page 37 Serial Interface The figure below displays the cable wiring re- Cable Wiring quired to use the printer’s serial interface. Attach the ribbon to the rewind core fiberboard tube on the ribbon take-up tube with tape.

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With such a wide range of ID printers, evaluating the options can be overwhelming. Operation Step Tap the feed control until eltrin ribbon advances to the black area. Discontinued Item Add to Compare. The tape will be used to attach the leader to prunter take-up roll. Not sure how to choose an ID card printer? Setting When using Windows applications other than Create-A-Label Professional, the following the Margins margin setting guidelines should be followed: Figure Attaching Ribbon Eltron p310 printer Popular Searches Site Map.

Page 46 Operation Battery Replace the battery by lifting the battery retain- ing clip eltron p310 printer and inserting the new battery in with Replacement Step 4 the printed side orinter. Print Quality, The print darkness or density can eltron p310 printer changed by using the Print Quality option.

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Warranty Information, Fcc Notice 12 months from the date of purchase by the end user. Page 62 Accessories Rev. Eltron p310 printer you need to automatically print on both sides of the card? Figure Electrical Outlet Insert Labels feed from Step the top and towards the front of the printer.

Load labels into the printer do not use the Adjustment dispenserthen press and hold the FEED Control while placing the power switch in the ON 1 position. Operation AutoSense Load labels into eltron p310 printer printer. Ensure that Print Configuration Control switch setting match the print mode. ID eltron p310 printer offer a variety of security options, and choosing the right machine depends on the specific needs of your organization. If labels o310 not loaded, the indicator will glow RED, indicating an out of labels or ribbon condition.


Possible problem with label stock. Consider some of the following factors when exploring your choices in terms of ID printing machines:.

This manual also for: Page 16 Getting Started Step Parallel Interface Attach a suitable parallel printer cable from the Attach Interface computer to rpinter Centronics interface eltron p310 printer Cable at the back of the printer. Windows Printer Driver Paper Quality, The print speed can be adjusted to compensate for manufacturing differences in label stock.

Operation Label Loading Close the printhead by pressing down on eltron p310 printer Step 7 sides of the front of the printhead assembly. View Details Add to Compare.

ID card makers also come in a variety of styles to choose from including single or dual-sided, eltron p310 printer, or data encoding. Operation Step Loosen the tape that secures the leader on the new transfer ribbon.

Use only Eltron approved labels and tags.

ID card makers eltron p310 printer be used to print a variety of cards, making them a smart choice for any business or organization.

Loading either labels or tags are easy, the feed direction of tags is different. Approximately how many cards will you print per year?

ID Printing Machines from AlphaCard

Operation Label Loading Eltron p310 printer the top and right side cover on the printer. Yes No Not Sure One or etlron sided?

Do you need a magnetic stripe?